Pipes and fittings

FRP pipes and fittings are engineered and manufactured in reference to International standards AWWA, ASTM, BS, and ISO. Available diameters range from 50mm (2 inches) up to 4000mm (160 inches). Typical applications are industrial plants (For corrosive fluids), water and wastewater, irrigation, power, among others. FRP piping can be either installed aboveground, on pipe supports or racks; or underground, on trench or trenchless systems. Operating pressures are up to 3100 kPa (450 PSI) and stiffness according to the duty.

Where operating conditions due to corrosive solution’s concentration or temperature are over the standard resins, Dual Laminate systems are used. This provides a FRP structural tank, with an internal thermoplastic liner, which can be PVC-U, PVC-C, PP, PE, ECTFE, etc.